1. gingerhaze:

    i feel like this dress is sending a message but I’m not sure what it is

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  2. YOU’RE a metaphor!

  3. Jasmine/Iron Man
    Pocahontas/Captain America
    Snow White/Hulk
    Tiana/Nick Fury
    Hamad, The Sultan/Black Widow


    Disney Princess Avengers by ThinkingMakesItSo [via]

    Previously: Disney Warrior Princesses


  4. riningear:

    (pitched to different “gender”)

    Sorry for low-tier quality, I just really wanted to hear what this would sound like. 

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  5. vandigo:




    The cast of The Lord of the Rings, everybody.

    I tried to scroll past this…I really tried.

    cast of the Academy Award winning Lord of the Rings trilogy 

    This will forever be the best picture to ever come from a movie cast.

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  6. Finally, an avatar! Now I’m a real Tumblrr!

    So do I choose my fandoms or do they choose me?

  7. bobzenub:

    Charles and Erik finally reconcile

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  8. Bill-bored Top 40

    So I have been listening to the “Who Charted?” podcast recently, and I realized that I had NO clue what is hot with America’s youths today.

    I liked the concept of talking about the Top music in the Country, but to my dismay, the show was far too long and not interesting enough. Also they changed the top countdown week-to-week, going from Top songs to top Electronic to Dance to Psychobilly Hip-Hop Trance, etc.

    I get it, the songs only change a position or two, so there’s no point in talking about the same songs week after week.

    I couldn’t find another podcast with a format like that, so I’m thinking of doing a monthly list of the Top 40 songs on the Billboard charts and sharing my worthless opinions of them for the world.

    Then, time permitting, I look at the rest of the Billboard 100 and find songs that I like and share them.

    It’s partly to give popular music a chance, since I only know a handful or popular artists, and when they win Grammys and I go “Who are they?” I feel like I should know about them from beneath the comfortable rock where I live.

  9. idontlikeyourcat:

    In which Darcy never learned how to pronounce ‘Mjolnir’, but really doesn’t give two shits.

    I forgot about this joke when I saw “The Dark World” Subtitles said “Meow meow” and I nearly lost it.

    Dennings > Portman 4 Lyfe

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  10. I don’t usually perk up my ears when I hear “remake of a foreign movie” or anything with Paul Walker (RIP), but this is now on my radar.